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3D Metal Print

Additive Manufacturing (AM)  also known as 3D
printing of components in different materials, shapes and sizes, requires precise operations that can be easily adjusted for each type material.

When printing using metal, the process is also known as 3D welding.

Industrial Parts
industry machine

Variety of Metals

We can print and weld in all prominent alloy types including carbon and stainless steel.

Examples: Inconel 625, Duplex, Carbon s355

Quality and Speed

With our 3D welding technology, we are capable of delivering quality products much faster than when using traditional manufacturing methods. As the process is entirely controlled by a computer, the variation in end resultats are minute and not subject to operator error.


Special Projects

We recently delivered a component to an off shore installation owned by Equinor. With previous production methods, the estimated production time was 40 weeks. We delivered, within given specifications, the completed product in just 8 weeks.

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