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About Us

We Build for People

Our history

3D Construction started the development of our 3D printing technology in 2017. 3D Construction AS have since 2017 till this day succeeded in making industrial 3D printing methods and materials within metal and concrete printing, that are now approved and certified industrial standards.


3D Construction AS is owned by the investment company Holmetjern Invest AS. Holmetjern Invest AS was a previous co-owner of the manufacturing company Selmer Tandberg AS, the owner of companies Welmax Pipe Welding AS, Welmax Welding AS and Welmax AS. 3D Constructions AS shares it's operating location with Welmax AS in Larvik, Norway.

Welmax AS is a world leader in research and development of welding robots and welding automation. They provide unique solutions to difficult engineering challenges. Their previous clients include companies such as Aker, Aibel, IP Huse, Lamprell and ESAB. ESAB is a world leader in the production of welding tools.

3D Construction AS together with their partner Welmax AS are committed to a close collaboration with the goal of developing the best products and the most advanced welding robots. The goal is to become a market leader in Europe within this type of production.

3D printing of metal and concrete

Automated welding has existed for a while, usually featuring complex machinery set-ups with expensive, proprietary software. 3D Construction AS has now taken steps towards simplifying both aspects of 3D welding, lessening the start-up costs for a project.

The production system used by 3D Construction AS is delivered by KUKA, a globally known robot manufacturer. The articulated arm featuring the 3D welding equipment can move in 11 different axis. 

3D Construction AS has further developed the automated systems, enabling their use in 3D printing concrete; the first test project has already been completed. The concrete mixture used has been tested and verified by relevant controlling bodies.

We foresee significant global interest in this type of technology. There have already been several contacts from the Nordic countries and the USA expressing interest in using our technology in residential property development.

The commercial potential in leasing out the production capacity and the sale/production of parts and components is great, not to mention the ability to give extended after market care with replacement parts printed on demand. 

Our Mission

We Aim to Build a Better World

Automation and robotization are an important trend in all industries, including real estate and property development. Within real estate, robotization is applicable in "3D printing" of homes, where finished houses are built in 1-3 days. Examples of this are shown below.

This is the construction method of the future; it is expected that this type of construction will experience exponential growth in the coming years. Construction costs when using 3D printing are significantly lower than with conventional construction methods, and we estimate a reduced cost of construction of at least 25% - 35%. In addition, with the flexibility of 3D printing, possibilities for changes will be significantly better than with traditional building methods. ​ Blueprints can be changed right up until the actual construction begins very simply.


3D Construction AS has developed a "3D printer" for printing with concrete together with property developer Holmtjern Invest AS and Welmax AS, an expert in 3D welding (also known as 3D printing in metal). The printer is currently on our premises in Larvik, Norway. As of today, a foundation wall has been printing for a home of 32 square meters, and soon three homes will be built, the largest of which will be 160 square meters. The process itself will be further automated and efficiency increased, including with the development of a more advanced gantry system allowing even increased agility in planning and printing.

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